Tuesday, January 16, 2007


My Myplace projected is completed and accessible by this link http://www.lab.constellations.co.nz/MyPlace/d5/ .
I overcame the problems discussed in my last entry by using a tripod, and by removing only one object from the table at a time so the colour saturation of the image did not change between images. However I encountered more problems when i came to writing the script myself. As each page of the site contains so many rollover images, the script became very crowded. The repetition of the same rollover script so many times was meaning the site was not working properly. I first tried to combat this by writing one script to manage all the functions but this proved too difficult so I had to be extremely careful in naming the functions of each rollover image and try to make the script simpler and run properly. I managed to do this, and I also added more script to the rollover images that displays the text yes or no on the background image.

Having spent so long working through the script trying to make it run smoothly i then realised that my website only works 100% in Internet explorer, and users viewing it in Mozilla Firefox will experience some problems viewing the page. This difficulty in web design caused by the slight difference in the two programmes is something i have definitely learnt in the making of this project. I now appreciate the subtle differences between IE and Firefox and the difficulty caused in web design, but also that this applies to almost all forms of multimedia. Any product produced for distribution or the internet will be accessed through many different programmes, sizes of screen, or speeds of computers depending on the viewer and this must be considered at all times. What looks good on the computer I design something on may look poor or as in this case not work properly on another computer.


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