Tuesday, January 16, 2007


In this project I will be designing a new identity for Trent Media http://www.trentstudents.org/trentmedia Trent media consist of Fly; an online student radio station, Platform; a fortnightly student review magazine and Trent TV an online TV station. I will create new Logo's for each and a series of supporting media for the company. This will include a website, a short animation advertising Trent TV and a radio advert for Fly. As well as small promotional items such as fliers etc.

I want there to be a running theme throughout the identity of the three parts of Trent media, whilst giving each quite an individual look. I am thinking about doing this by having a Trent media logo that is incorporated into each separate logo. Here are some of my first ideas:

This is a possibility for Trent Media Logo that will be in each of the Logo's

This would be the logo for the whole of trent media, used to represent all three strands

Platform is the Trent media magazine, This logo includes the "M" that will join all the Logo's

This is simply an inverted version of the above logo
I like these two a lot.

These are only ideas however I particularly like these bottom two, although i am slightly concerned whether the writing is easy enough to read.


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