Sunday, November 11, 2007

15 Second Horror clip

As groups we were given the task of creating a 15 second clip that could be distinguishable as a certain genre through the mise en scene, and use of sound and vision. I think this clip has succeeded as it is quite obviously in the horror genre. The mottled colours on the walls as the camera moves through the basement with an awkward jerky movement giving the beginning of the clip a horror style as well as creating suspense as the viewer tries to work out what they are seeing. Then the use of blackness timed with the sound just before the end makes the final part much more surprising creating a reaction in the viewer. My task in this project was to create the sound, i used lots of automated filters to create the sense of building up towards the end. I also used some free samples i obtained from this is a website dedicated to the collection of royalty free samples where users are invited to upload there own sounds in return for use of all other royalty free samples from the website. I downloaded from here the violin sound that can be heard in the first part of the film. I think this violin sound holds the most connotations towards the horror genre and helps make it obvious the genre of the clip is horror. I think one of the best parts of this film is at the end where the silence in the soundtrack corresponds with the blackness of the video just before the witch with a meat cleaver jumps out at the camera, this close linking of sound and video using the contrast of light and dark with loud and quiet creating the shocking ending to the film.


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