Sunday, November 11, 2007

Adobe Premiere experiment

As adobe premiere is the software I will be using most this year I decided to try and learn as much about it as i could by creating a video that took advantage of as many of its functions as possible. I created the red line that runs across the screen throughout the video using the green screen Chroma Key effect, this taught me how to layer up video and about oppacity and green screen. I also used a lot of automated controls using the key frames in the effects, this allowed me to make the video effects work intime with the music. I also experimented with a lot of other effects including strobing, contrast, colour manipulation. For the vocals at the end of the track I recorded the screaming for the video to the original track played at twice the speed, then slowed it back down to match the original soundtrack to create a strange feeling of slow motion to the video for the screaming. Althouhgh this does mean that the lip synching is not very good. I created the music myself using FruityLoops and Soundforge. I used this track because I pictured the wub noises of the bassline as colour coming from the dark which allowed me to take advantage of automated effects using keyframes and also layering the video upon the black background. This video is unfinished at the moment. I intend to finish it at somepoint but I will completely remake it, in the same style, possibly including a simple narrative.


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