Sunday, November 11, 2007

Underwater Filming

In the script 'holding pattern' for the task working inside out one scene is shot underwater. We decided to tackle this problem practically as we knew we did not have access to real underwater filming equipment. The solution we came up with was to use a fish tank weighted with a brick as a kind of boat for the camera to float in. Although the camera could not go deep underwater it was still below the surface and we had a nice amount of control simply by pointing the fish tank where we wanted. This technique worked very well and the camera we used is still dry and operational. This is the section from the film.

I created the sound for this scene using the music from the dancing scene. I put lots of filters such as flange and reverb to give the music an underwater feel and faded this up and down between a sample of bubbles. The bubble sample was very difficult to find. Not being at all sure how to record the sound of bubbles underwater i wanted to find one royalty free or available to buy from the internet, this took me quite a while to find a good sample but i ended up using again. This is definatley a credit to this website and what an excellent resource it is, this also highlighted to me the price of high quality samples and the difficulty of obtaining them. Whilst browsing for underwater sounds I came across a CD of bubble sounds retailing at £50.00!


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