Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Artifact 1, Extra Edit

This is an edit of the film for my first artifact. The aims of the film as a research artifact are discussed in the posts below. The changes made in this version are that I have used lighting and transition effects to add to the emotional content of the film. However changing the way the film looked subtracted from the aim of the film as a research piece or test. The aim of my first artifact, put very simply, was to take a very boring piece of footage and make it extremely emotional using only sound. This film does not follow that premise as I have made an effort to enhance the visual aspects of the film also. I felt this visual element confused the test I was trying to perform in my research, and I have left it out of the two comparisons seen below.
However I do feel it works much better as a complete piece of work than either of the two versions used as a comparison in this research experiment. This has raised some questions to me about the role of a research artifact as a piece of art as apposed to a test, and the line between these two entities that all creative research artifacts must encounter. I am following a practice based research method as a solution to the problem of testing a creative premise. Am I creating pieces of artwork to test these premises or simply tests? I would say this is an example of the problems encountered in research into creative disciplines. The problem of justifying a creative premise in a logical way through the creation of work.


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