Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rsearch Project, research sources

Over the past month I have been researching into my chosen subject area, I intend to keep a record on my blog from this point onwards of every piece of research I find. However i have not been doing this up to this point so I will list and explain them so far here.

I have been reading these books for the past month, flicking between the two. I feel they have given me a very insightful and effective understanding of sound design in a film context.
Audio Vision, sound on screen by Michael Chion discusses in depth what Chion describes as the Audio Visual Contract, this is an in depth look in to the way sound and image compliment each other in film and in real life. He creates a lot of his own terms to describe his ideas giving his work an almost philosophical feel to it. Ideas such as added value
"The expressive and informative value with which a sound enriches a given image so as to create the definitive impression... that this information or expression "naturally" comes from what is seen, and is already in the image itself."
I have taken this idea on board as Chions attempt to articulate the strange effect sound has to image in film, subtly and sometimes subconciously enhancing the film away from the viewers gaze but directly in their conscience and awarness.
Other ideas i have taken as areas of interest to my own research are his comments on sounds effect on film historical or the effect of the introduction to sound in film and ideas of perception of audio and vision such as difference in speeds of perception and the temporalization of image with sound.

Chions Audio Vision complements my next book very well as both touch upon similar ideas, but with Chion providing a more philosophical indepth approach to the exact correlation between sound and image whereas David Sonnencheins Sound Design the expressive power of Music, Voice and sound effects in cinema contains a more technical and possibly applicable approach to sound design. Still containing much theory of sound and its affects upon our perceptions of film but looking more to the process of creating sound design, giving guidence and ideas towards reading a film and understanding how to create good sound design. I think Sonnencheins understanding of creative process and the creation of sound design is immence.
" In a kind of trance with music, our lowered threshold of belief is essential to watching films and being immersed inside the story. As in nonverbal therapy, music provides a suspension of judgement and a lack of intellectual resistance that gives power to the emotions over rational words."
I think this quote will definatley come in useful when writing my report.

I have more sources to add but will place them on the next post to break things up a little.


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