Thursday, October 30, 2008

Research Project

This is the title and summary for the first part of my personal research project; the literary review i will be writing over the next month.

How is new technology affecting the art of sound design?

In this topic I will be reviewing the technical and aesthetic value of new technologies in sound design. Studying how these technologies have changed the process of creating sound design and how they are affecting the possibilities and capabilities of creation in sound design. Investigating the way computers have radicalised the sound design process, through new technologies such as virtual synthesizers, samplers and effects. To how new technology is changing the aesthetic of sound design, allowing new possibilities in sonic creation, pushing the boundaries of communication in multimedia allowing more expressive power over mood and ideas.
I will research the history of sound in film, its technical processes and what they meant to the aesthetic of sound design. I will also carry out research into new technologies and how they are affecting sound design, through their change of process and outcome.


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