Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Artifact 2 New technology and the sound design process

In this artifact I want to investigate New technologies role in the process of creating sound design. Focusing on how new technology can affect the design process by speeding it up and making it easier. And also focusing on the effectiveness of the creative outcomes this new technology can achieve.
I have made a video of a character in the dark so the viewer cannot tell how big the space the character is in is. The audio for this video was recorded as cleanly as I could with no reverberation. I am then going to add reverb to the characters voice in a traditional way by re recording the audio in a large space such as a church or hall to capture the real reverberation of a space. Then I will add reverb to the audio using a modern digital reverberation device.
I want to compare the effectiveness of each method for achieving the goal of making the character in the film sound as though they are in a space. I also want to compare the process of creating each type of reverb. Looking at how long each took to make, how easy it was and also the creative possibilities each provides.
Here is the video with no reverb effect added;


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