Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Artifact 1 analysis

Artifact one,
New technologies capability for creating effective sound design.

This artifact is a three minute film consisting of two long shots. The first is a close up of a character on a bus, and the second a medium shot of the character taking drugs on a sofa. These shots were made purposefully long and boring. This was to illustrate that the sound design I created using new technology could dramatically increase the dramatic and emotional content of the film. I wanted to demonstrate the capability of new technology as a tool for creating effective sound design.
The finished film is very effective, with a very tense and emotional feel throughout. I feel it successfully illustrated what I was trying to demonstrate. It is clear from watching it the powerful effect the sound design has had on the film.
The sound design was created using only the sequencer Reason with no other equipment besides a PC and Reason. Reason is a very recent piece of music production software first released in 2000. By demonstrating the capability of this new technology as a tool for creating sound design I think this artifact has illustrated some very interesting research ideas. Such as the capability new technology provides for an individual to create effective sound design in a cost effective way, using very little equipment, very quickly. This also raises a question of new technologies role in the sound design process and the creative outcomes it achieves. These are the research developments I wish to focus on in my next artifact were I will be doing a direct comparison of traditional and new methods of creating a reverb effect in film. Looking at how the different techniques affect such things as cost, time, and the design process and creative outcomes of sound design.


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