Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Artifact 2 Sound design process Natural Reverb

This is the video shown below with Reverberation added naturally by re recording the sound in a real world acoustic situation. I took the audio from the video and played it in a large hall and re recorded it. I then took this re recorded audio and placed it back onto the video. The Whole process took a lot longer than adding the digital reverb. I had to find a space in which to rerecord the audio and then take the audio from the film and play it very loud through speakers in the space and re record it using a mic. This obviously took more equipment and time. The method of re recording also took longer for me to hear the effect I was creating. Instead of simply listening to the audio and affecting its sound in real time I had to listen back to each recording individually and change parameters such as the positioning of the mic and speakers accordingly this again added to the length and spontaneity of the process.


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