Thursday, February 15, 2007

Identity Manifesto

Whilst preparing for my presentation I thought a lot about what a corporate identity actually is and how I am going to implement my own. My understanding now is that a corporate identity is basically a concept behind a company that applies to all work the company does and produces and the representation of this concept through logo's and carefully chosen colour pallettes etc.
So for my project I have set Trent Media a new concept; an artistic company interested in sharing and show casing the artwork of Trent students. This means that Trent Media would function in the same way with Fly FM etc, but there would be a lot more opportunity for students to add to Trent Media and show there own art work.
My Identity is now going to be a representation of this concept, I will try and apply this concept to every aspect of the brand. Hopefully this theme will be reflected in my designs.


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