Sunday, November 11, 2007

Music Production

Click to hear music file

I have been creating music on my computer for about four years as a hobby and have decided to start including some of this work on my blog as I feel it is more relevant to my course this year. I created the sound for all of the videos on my blog I have made this year and intent to continue to help make sound for video. I often try and produce different styles of music and have begun experimenting in creating different moods through sound that could be used in films. I am especially interested in sound scaping and the use of pads and sound effects to create sound for a film that could not be described as a song but more a soundtrack. I intend to keep posting new music i make on my blog all year as i am usually always working on a new track. The track linked above is the full version of the track in the video below. I liked this tracks potential for video because of its extremely dark mood and definate contrasts between loud and quiet. I create the music using Fruityloops mainly as well as Soundforge and audacity for recording and editing samples and ableton live for live music creation and playing and effect controls.



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