Thursday, January 24, 2008

Film Test 1

I have had an idea for a script for my film i am going to make for my coursework. The script idea relied upon the beginning of the film being a monologue set in someones mind, using a strange soundtrack and video effects. I wanted to try and visualise this idea before developing the script further. I created the sound for this video using propellerheads reason, as i have just learnt to use this software. the video is a combination of different effects i experimented with using a lighter and small lights in the dark to create strange lighting effects. I think this is quite effective and captures to a degree the visual style I had imagined. I think i will continue with this script idea, hopefully i will have a first typed draft of the script on the internet today. I will continue to experiment with different sound and video effects for this opening monologue of this script as although this piece of film is effective i think it could be a lot better.


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