Wednesday, January 23, 2008


As a task in a seminar i was given a script to read that was quite loose, containing no explanation of why the events in it were happening or who the characters were. It was essentially just dialog. From this me and my partner had to Come up with an idea for the film and what the mysterious MALac was;

SHE – Tall business woman big hair large stride. Smart dressed. Metal heels on shoes. Dressed normally but there is something uneasy and wrong about her appearance. Angry menacing expression. Powerful.

HE - very normal nice person. His wife works for she, but he found out SHE was going to suck her soul out and without telling his wife rescued her without telling her first. He has a moustache and a beard.

The evil office of SHE, her empire is run from this large tower. She has him trapped in her massive head office. Very posh looking black and silver with a plant in the corner. To film this, the set would have to be made as a set as it is over the top and unrealistic in style.

"SHE is the ruthless ruler of a horrible empire she runs under the guise of a normal person owner of the largest evil corporation in the city. In order to stay alive and reign sovereign over her empire SHE must suck the blood of a virgin child every 100 years. HE is a loving father working hard to keep his beautiful family happy. But he gets caught up in some horrible nastiness when his daughter is kidnapped by the dreaded SHE"


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