Friday, February 01, 2008

Rubber Johnny.

Rubber Johnny is a short film made by Chris Cunningham With Music by Aphex Twin. It is about a freak child that is kept in a basement by his disgusted parents who don't let him out. I own this video and am a great fan of both Cunningham's work and my own. I'm am writing about this video because after having made my "Film Test 1" in my previous post I have drawn many parallels between this video and my own ideas and I have clearly taken inspiration from Cunningham's work. The opening scene has an obscured face taking part in an interview. This is the part I have draw the most obvious and visual parallels with my own idea as my film test looks a lot like this and I think has a very similar feel. But also the film as a whole I think I have taken a lot of inspiration from. With it's ideas of madness and darkness that I hope to emulate in my own film. The use of darkness to signify insanity and create a scary mood in the film are things I will be drawing upon in my film.


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