Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Story Idea

I have been thinking about this film idea for a while. It is basically a story about a man called Gary and his interaction with the voices in his head. One of the main reasons I have written this story is it's potential as what I envisage as a very visual film. Also it will give me the opportunity to add lots of sound effects and possibly a full musical score for the film.

An eerie darkness is all around, strange lights flicker in the black. Even stranger noises echo through the cold. Confused and distressed, Gary strains to grasp the situation. His sense of space and direction confused trying to find some sense but not knowing at all he is confused. Suddenly a muffled voice cuts through the darkness “HELLO GARY.” Scared and confused, Gary doesn’t know what is happening. “HOW ARE YOU GARY?” The voice is coming from a face that pierces the darkness right next to Gary’s eyes, he feels an immense sense of fear and confusion, but the voice seems familiar to him and strangely calming. “IT’S BEEN A WHILE SINCE WE LAST TALKED GARY” croons the voice. “YOU’VE BEEN TRYING TO IGNORE ME HAVEN’T YOU?” Gary is in turmoil he wants to run but all he can see is darkness he is trapped and the voice is directly in front of him. “YES YOU HAVE GARY!” “BUT YOU CAN’T ANYMORE.” The strange lights dance around, beckoning illumination, an end to the darkness but slowly fade away. The strange noises become more and more unnerving “YOU ARE MINE GARY” “WE BELONG TOGEATHER” “YOU ARE ME GARY” “YES, YES, YES, YES.”
High up on a hilltop a hiker out for a walk is poking a man with a stick. He found him writhing on the floor in some kind of trance. “NO, NO, NO,” groans the man on the floor as the hiker tries to wake him from his trance with his walking stick. The man on the floor is covered in mud wearing some kind of work uniform with a badge saying “GARY Here to help.” With another poke of the stick the man on the floor wakes up suddenly, gasping for air his eyes flicking from side to side his body shaking. “What is wrong with you?” Enquires the hiker. The man on the floor does not respond. “It’s a bit bloody cold to be rolling around in the mud!” the hiker’s odd sense of humour again lost on the man on the floor. “Well I can’t leave you here can I?” carries on the Hiker, “I Once got trapped on toys hill for a whole afternoon in the rain and fog.” “I only had half a smoked salmon and brie sandwich and a carton of Umbongo. Awfully bad luck!” “But I suppose it’s no way near as bad as the story i read in the ramblers gazette about a month ago. I can tell you! Quite a story.” The Hiker readies himself to recite an amusing anecdote. “It’s a funny story but also a...” “AAAAAAARRGH.” Screams the man on the floor. “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?” he asks. “Well I’m just out rambling,” replies the hiker, “I’m not sure what you’re doing.” “W W WHERE AM I?” are the terrified words that leave the man on the floors mouth. “Your on bexworth moor young chap.” Answers the hiker pleased to be out on a walk. “W W WHO WHO WHO ARE YOU.” Stumbles the man on the floor. “Me? Im just a hiker out on a morning walk.” “W W WHO AM I?” asks the man on the floor his voice strained as though the thought of knowing his name might kill him. “I’ve never met you before but by the looks of things I’m guessing your name is GARY!” replies the hiker referencing the man on the floors name badge.
The man on the floor looks terrified, stumbling backwards he screams “NO NO LEAVE ME ALONE” Before sprinting away down the side of the hill.
He runs and runs tripping and falling, sliding in the mud. He can hear the voices calling him. He is in anguish, his brain sounds like a thousand brass bands in a bucket of frozen peas. In town now, passersby glance by as the man holds his head in his hands. “But I don’t want to” strains the man staggering around on the pavement. “But I need you” shouts the man “Please please. YES, NO.” A brave pedestrian seeing the man’s distress walks up to him “Can i help you” says the pedestrian. “NO NO It’s OK.” Says the man in a moment of seeming clarity. “I know what I have to do.” “IM COMING” He screams as he sprints away, this time with intent. Powering through the streets he runs and runs to a house. He falls through the door and stops. Trying to catch his breath he looks at a door in front of him. “I’m coming.” He mutters as he slowly opens the door with trembling fingers. In front of him are some dirty steps leading down into darkness. His filthy hands brace the walls of the narrow stairwell as he thumbles down, disappearing into the darkness. Now shivering in the darkness, unable to see, he strains his eyes. A feeling of calm floods his body like molten lead weighing him down. He settles to the floor in the dark closing his eyes he utters “I knew you wouldn’t leave Gary”


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