Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Colour Correction gamma curves

I have been learning a lot about using different colour controls in adobe premiere and after effects in order to get the best picture out of my footage. I found an interesting article entitled "Simulating 35mm Motion Picture Color Saturation
an article by Daniel Broadway" that can be found here http://dvinfo.net/articles/filmlook/broadway2.php From which i have learned about traditional techniques of colour timing in cinema and how to achieve a similar look with DV footage using after effects and the colour curve controls. Applying an s shaped curve makes blacks deeper, and highlights more soft.

This is before The Adjustments were applied

And this is after

As you can see footage that suffered from a poorly lit face has now been fixed. I have also been looking at much more advanced colour correction techniques on www.videocopilot.net these include reversing the gamma levels of an individual layer of an image and tracking them to certain colours and many things i am still struggling to understand but these are all things i am very interested in and intent to continue learning about.



At 6:28 AM, Blogger Jools said...

looks much better. really useful tutorial.

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