Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thoughts about my advert

I have been working on my idea for the advert for my film for a short while and was trying to make something with a lot of editing and cuts that was quite long and told part of the story and not all of it. I thought I was getting somewhere although never quite getting anything I thought was interesting enough to make someone want to watch the film whilst not giving too much away. Now having thought about these two premises; making it interesting without giving too much away I have completely re-thought my advert. I have begun editing and really like what I have made. instead of being long it is only thirty seconds long and contains a lot of sound. It is essentially the sound of a heartbeat with a black screen with second long flashes of the film paired with loud piercing sounds followed by the title of the film with an even more piercing sound. It's use of blackness and sound effects to grab the viewers attention only to show them a second long glimpse of the film fulfills both these needs. The ad is now extremely watchable and has only about 7 seconds of actual footage from the film in it at all. I have yet to add the finishing touches but plan i plan to add everything i have made to this blog after the hand in date.


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