Friday, May 09, 2008

Added Scene

Having now completely edited all of the footage I planned shoot and looked at my film I have to decided to add one extra scene. This is firstly because the link between two scenes in my film, a running scene and an indoor scene did not work as well as I anticipated. And also I feel that the viewer does not have enough closeness to the main character. There seems to be something missing about the way the main character is shown, you don't seem to have had enough chance to feel or understand him for the weirdness of the film to make any sense. So I have decided to film another scene, luckily there is around thirty seconds spare within my six minute target and I think I can trim a little bit more to fit this scene in. It will simply be an extension of the scene it precedes but with a lot of close ups. I plan to film the whole scene as one shot so it almost feels as though you are there with the character. The whole aim of this scene is to make the audience feel and understand how mad and exhausted the character is. Although I did not plan this scene from the start I now think it may be a defining part of the film and am very excited to see how it turns out. I am also planning on asking my actor to actually run really far and run straight into the scene so he himself is actually exhausted hopefully helping him to act the part more realistically.


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