Monday, April 07, 2008

OCN mixing down and production, and keyboard and synth programming

I have now completed the course I have been studying in my spare time and have been awarded the above qualification. I have learned a great deal about EQ which is essentially the removal of unwanted frequencies of a sound. I really engaged with that particular subject and now as well as understanding it a lot better theoretically i feel it has changed my perception of music and sounds. Making me pay a lot more attention to the individual frequencies of sound in tracks and ultimately the depth and feel of a track. i was taught to envisage music as being a physical space an idea which i have really connected with and now try hard to give my own music a good spread of frequency and a better sense of depth. I am beginning an NCFE In music technology level 1 on the 25th of may

This is one of the tracks I handed in as my final piece. All the sounds have had their frequencies heavily altered so they sound very different from the original.

Click to hear music file


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