Thursday, February 26, 2009

Artifact 2 to 3 Creativity?

I have investigated new technologies affect on the design process and method of creating sound design. I found that new technology can make the design process easier and quicker. I now wish to expand on this and begin investigating new technologies potential for creating effective sound design and also its potential for expanding creativity.
This is going to be difficult as I am potentially trying to measure creativity. How can I test new technologies potential for better creativity?
The question I am facing is whether New Technologies affect on the sound design process as I have already discovered (making it quicker and easier) is having a positive, neutral or negative affect on the creative outcomes of sound design.

Possible answers I can imagine are;

1)New technologies impact on the sound design process has lead to lazyness and lack of thought. It has had a negative affect on sound design by making it too easy and everyone just makes the same sound using the same technology at the click of a button.

2)Sound design outcomes have remained just as creative as ever, creativity is the product of innovative thought, not process.

3)New technology has enhanced the possibility for creative outcomes. By speeding the design process and allowing for more innovative effects to be used easily more people are making more creative ideas easily and quickly.

All of these possible answers sound as plausible as each other and could equally be justifiable. I need to think of a way of testing new technologies role on sound designs creative outcomes through its affect on the design process.


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