Monday, October 20, 2008

Client Poject, New perspectives

On friday I went to new perspectives theatre company in Basford so I could watch a practice run of the play I am filming this weekend in Huddersfield. I found it very interesting, as I arrived early I got a chance to watch the play being directed as they worked through the last scenes of the play. The communication between the actors, sound designer and director was very interesting, getting to see artistic desicions be made and played out.
Filming the play is going to be a difficult task. I intend to use two cameras one in a fixed position capturing the whole stage and another at the side following the action closer my hope is that i will be able to produce something that looks good quickly by editing the two togeather. I have explained to my client that this is a very short amount of time to prepare for filming a play and that the product I produce will not be perfect. They agreed and showed me pevious videos of the same nature they had made themselves which made me less worried about the final quality of this video.


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