Sunday, October 12, 2008

Client project

Eager to begin work on my client project I have been contacting various companies offering them my services as a multimedia practitioner. I have been focusing on Theater groups and museums as I would most like to create a sound based project. I am imagining creating a either sound effects or sound design for a play or similar for an installation in a museum. So far I have had a meeting with New perspectives theater company, based in Basford, they are a traveling theater company that tour rural areas putting on plays in villages and towns around Nottingham. They discussed the possibility of creating a promotional documentary for them that captured the feeling of their company and showed the kind of work they do. I have agreed to go to Huddersfield on the 25th of this month to film their latest play to create a very short promotional clip of this play to put on their website whilst the play is touring.
I have also heard back from Nottingham castle museum who say they have potential sound based projects I could become involved in. I do not know much about what they have to offer me but I have arranged a meeting with them next week. I now have two possible client projects running and I am slightly concerned about having to let one of them down. However this will only happen because I am trying to keep my options open and find the best project for myself.


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