Saturday, October 11, 2008


Over the last month o have been working on creating a portfolio. I wanted it to be interactive so I started making it on flash but after having spent quite some time creating it in flash i decided that it was not an appropriate format. I had tried opening it on different computers and it did not always work. The last thing you want from your portfolio is for it not to work. So I have decided to create it as a DVD this way it will be playable on any computer or TV with a DVD player and also it would be possible to display it using a projector. The layout is a short intro video at the beginning taking you to animated menu's where the viewer can navigate around my work.

This is the intro to my DVD porfolio. I created the wiggly lines by filming a spectroscope and using colour key in adobe premiere and various other effects to create the black and white effect and allow me to place writing underneath. This spectroscope follows through the whole dvd menu continuing to move on each menu.


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