Monday, October 20, 2008

Simulated client project idea

I am going to make an advert for TV Internet and mobile phone distribution, a video no longer than one minute. It is addressing the issue of client change but also peoples attitudes towards helping the cause.
It begins with two people watching a boring advert on television telling them to switch off the lights when they leave a room and a conversation begin about insignificant turning one light off is and how one person cannot help climate change. The same conversation is then carried on by two different people in a different house watching the same advert, and then again by two more people and then more and more. the idea is to show as many people as possible carrying on the same negative conversation about how they cannot change the world on their own, but this conversation is being said by thousands of people everywhere and if the all listened to the advert then it would make a difference.
The idea is not just about telling people to switch off the lights but more about trying to create a sense of unity in working against climate change, maybe it feels like your on your own but your not and lots of other people are also helping to fight the cause.


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