Thursday, February 26, 2009

Creativity? research paper

How can computers be partners in the creative process: Classification and commentary on the Special Issue

This is a peper i would be very interested in reading however i cannot afford to buy it but the abstract seems to outline the question I am trying to test.

The different ways that computers can be involved in creative work are examined. A classification based on four categories of human–computer interaction to promote creativity is proposed: computers may facilitate
(a) the management of creative work,
(b) communication between individuals collaborating on creative projects,
(c) the use of creativity enhancement techniques,
(d) the creative act through integrated human–computer cooperation during idea production.

The idea I am most interested in is point (d) "the creative act through integrated human-computer cooperation during idea production"
Particularly the ideas encapsulated within this and my question of sound design process.

I have sent an email to see if I might be able to get hold of the paper for free. Otherwise I will have to just take inspiration from the points listed above.


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