Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Client project, intitial thoughts

The brief for my simulated client project is to produce a piece of multimedia that can be used to support a public information campaign on one of the following:
Climate Change
Sexual Health
Healthy Living
The first two things that came to my mind were two adverts I have seen on television. I think for me these are the most poignant public information campaigns I can think of at the moment. They are both quite similar in style and I think this is why they have been so effective in my mind.

I feel this advert is very effective for myself because at first it is quite alluring it takes my attention and I want to know what it is about. Then as I slowly start to realise what it is about, I also realise the video that at first grabbed my attention and made me want to find out more, actually has quite a nasty grimey aesthetic that I didn't notice at first. And also a nasty grimey point. It works very well.

I think this commercial is so effective and stuck in my mind because of its powerful use of imagery and sound. zooming in on the world from space and showing very beautiful, colourful landscapes in time lapse it has a very epic feel. These beautiful images mixed with quite disturbing footage of hurricanes and global disasters etc then leads to a computer visualization of global warming in a physical form. The sound is also quite intense with very powerful music and quite strange sound effects almost representing the idea of global warming as a physical thing as in the computer visualisation. This advert does make me worried about global warming. I think this is because it is so well made, the mixture of powerful imagery and sound bringing this almost physical presence to what is essentially a concept. This advert works well because its scary. However it is just that; scaring me into worrying about global warming. Although I do think this needs doing, if i had to criticise this advert it would be that it in no way tells me what i can do to help, but gives me an slight sense of impending doom.


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