Thursday, February 26, 2009

Artifact 3 Creativity. Possible ideas

I have had a few thoughts as to possible ideas for my third artifact.
I want to investigate new technologies affect on the design process of creating sound design. And its effect on the creative outcomes sound designers achieve.

Is new technology promoting or hindering creativity in sound design through its affect of the sound design process.

Possible ideas for the artifact are;

1)Interviewing individuals about their relationship with the technology they use to create sound design.
Asking them how they relate the technology they use to the creative outcomes they achieve.

2) Compare two examples of innovative sound design for film. One from a Pre digital era that was seen as extremely innovative at the time compared with a present digital example that is also seen as extremely innovative at present. Then show these two examples to a test audience and ask them to speculate on whether the advances in technology have made the creative outcomes of these two pieces more innovative.

3) Hold a focus group with multimedia practitioners to discuss their ideas of creativity. How they think new technology promotes or hinders this through its affect on their design process.

4) Try and replicate an old piece of sound design using new technology and ask people to judge whether the outcome i can achieve with new technology is more effective than the original.


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